Let math spark connection

What if every child could experience joy in math?

Together with families and educators passionate about building culturally responsive classrooms in Seattle Public Schools, the Learning for Equity Network is supporting the design of equitable learning environments for students furthest from educational justice.

Developing the path forward together

Culturally responsive instruction and inclusive classrooms are pivotal to a student’s learning experience. Through professional development sessions and co-learning, math fellows examine their instructional practice and incorporate learnings into their lessons to foster math moments that value student identity and highlight ways that mathematics is used to explore the world.

Participating educators explore
  • Key actions that support ambitious teaching
  • Classroom strategies that support student mathematical identity and agency
  • Real-time adjustments to in-classroom strategies and instruction based on feedback from district math coaches
Learning for Equity Educators

2022-2023 Math Fellow Cohort

Top row L-R:
Michelle Heiser, Bailey Gatzert Elementary
Bryan Street, Seattle Public Schools
Lisa Allpin, Lowell Elementary
Karen McHegg, John Muir Elementary
Joana Choi, Lowell Elementary
Katie Poux, Madrona Elementary
Donna Duarte, Thurgood Marshall Elementary
Chloe Reed, Thurgood Marshall Elementary
Kerry VonEsch, Seattle University

Bottom row L-R
Kyle Jackson II, Rising Star Elementary
Monica Sylver, Rising Star Elementary
Melissa Woodbridge, Bailey Gatzert Elementary
Sine Bodden, Thurgood Marshall
Sylvie Kovnat, John Muir Elementary
Danielle Meier, Rising Star Elementary
Claire Engelhard, Madrona Elementary
Taylor King, Madrona Elementary
Alisa Rodgers-Taylor, Leschi Elementary
Lologo Lologo, Leschi Elementary

Missing from photo
Valerie Chin, Leschi Elementary
Glen Ford, Rising Star Elementary
Jeff Frieberg, Bailey Gatzert Elementary
Michael Tamayo, John Muir Elementary
Tara O’Brien, Lowell Elementary

Explore Math Moments

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March 2, 2023
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